GO SPORTS MG Conditioning Lotion

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GO SPORTS MG Conditioning Lotion


GO SPORTS MG+ Conditioning Lotion

  • Brand: Huang Han
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◎ The product replenishes the electrolyte [magnesium, Mg+], which is prone to be insufficient in the human body, with peony extract and licorice extract extracted from the Chinese prescription [peony and licorice soup].

It is used to massage the calves, arms, and other sore body parts. It can prevent and relieve foot cramps and muscle spasms.

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~Suitable for the following occasions~

■Sports competition or training. (Volleyball, track, and field, marathon, football, tennis, golf, etc.)

Improve the physical condition during the game, reduce injuries, improve the quality of training, and reduce fatigue.

■Field sports (mountain climbing, mountaineering, trekking, etc.)

■If you are concerned about habitual foot cramps, use them before going to bed and after waking up

■Middle-aged and elderly people who are worried about declining muscles

■Women with weak muscles

■ Before driving for a long time

■ Need to stand for a long time during work

■During travel

■Summer when dehydration tend to occur

■Winter when the body is susceptible to cold and summer when there are more air-conditioning

◎[Huanghan Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd.] and [Japan Deaf Beach Volleyball Association] jointly developed products. Contribute to the popularity and awareness of sports.

※Beach volleyball players who need to do high-strength exercises are prone to cramps. Under high load conditions, the effect of this product is more obvious.


■Spray an appropriate amount on the target area and massage it with the palm of your hand to absorb it.

■It can be used as a massage lubricant

■Light texture, easy to apply, and not greasy.

■Contains mentholoxy propylene glycol, has a refreshing, comfortable, and cooling sensation

~Prescriptions that are beneficial to women~

◎Combined with 20 kinds of moisturizing ingredients ("5 kinds of plant extracts" and "15 kinds of amino acids")

◎Combined with body moisturizing ingredients ("amino acid", "N-acetylglucosamine" and "chondroitin sulfate sodium")

*White powder will appear in the spout, which is the crystallisation of ingredients and can be used continuously.

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