Smooth defecation tea Golden Life®

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Smooth defecation tea Golden Life®


Cassia alata Linn Smooth defecation tea Golden Life®

  • Brand: Huang Han
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◎ Mix of 11 kinds of herbs

Plants that grow naturally in tropical regions such as Southeast Asia

● Peppermint ● Coix Seed 

For the excretion of unnecessary things from the body

● Echinacea ● Cat Crow ● Charga 

Helps healthy skin during weight loss and diet

● Gymnema

Inhibit sugar absorption, India-Southeast Asia vines

● Rose hip ● Jasmine petals ● Rose petals ● Rosemary ​​​​​​​

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For people who have constipation, bloating, and gastrointestinal discomfort or for diet usage


Consume after meals. Dilute one sachet with hot water for 1-3 minutes and adjust the water accordingly to your own preferences. You can choose to consume it chilled,

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