High horse oil cream type

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High horse oil cream type


Hi horse oil cream type

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Contains "Vitamin E / Vitamin C derivatives". Cream-type horse oil. 《High horse oil cream type (70mL)》 Kohkan Pharmaceutical Research Institute Beauty oil Moisturizing Moisturizing Rough skin Dry skin Uncolored Unscented No preservatives Cosmetics Cosmetics Horse oil moisturizing cream.

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Outstanding permeability * 1 ・ Nourish and moisturizing skin.
Contains "Vitamin E / Vitamin C derivatives". Cream-type horse oil.
No coloring, no fragrance, no preservatives.

1)Prevents rough skin and keeps skin healthy.
2)Moisturizes the skin.
3)Protects the skin and prevents it from drying out.
4)Patch tested. (Not all people are irritated)

What is the "Vitamin E combination series"?
The "Vitamin E Combination Series" is a combination of carefully selected horse oil refined by a unique method and vitamin E / vitamin C derivatives. It is color-free, fragrance-free, and does not use preservatives. There are "cream type" and "liquid type", so you can use them according to your preference and usage.

Outstanding permeability * 1 ・ Nourish and moisturizing skin
Horse oil contains palmitoleic acid and has excellent permeability * 1 and moisturizing properties, so it prevents the moisture in the skin from decreasing and keeps it moist and smooth. Of course, it is very popular as a skincare oil, massage oil, hair oil, and nail oil for family use.

High horse oil series lineup

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The Kohkan Pharmaceutical Research Institute has been handling Japanese and Chinese herbal medicines from Chinese medicine for many years in Kanda, Tokyo, and manufactures and sells various health foods, and provides high-quality products at affordable prices through its own factory production. Horse oil has been researched for decades and has been commercialized and sold. We are pursuing higher quality, commercializing standard horse oil and cosmetic oil, and working on the development of versatile products.

* 1 / Up to the stratum corneum * 2 / 99.98% purified

● Brand name / High horse oil cream (cosmetic oil)
● Ingredients / Partially hydrogenated horse oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C derivative)
● Contents / 70mL
● How to use / Apply an appropriate amount to the hardened areas such as face, hands, nape, elbows and his heels. It can be used for face care (after lotion, before good night, after shaving), body care (for whole body massage, sunburn care, finger and nail care), and hair care.

* Because horse oil products use natural ingredients, they may solidify, crystallize, or liquefy depending on the temperature. In addition, the color of horse oil may turn slightly pale yellow, but the quality and efficacy will not change, so please use it with confidence.
* No preservatives, no coloring, no fragrance.

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