Ginseng 6-year-old root tea extract granules

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Ginseng 6-year-old root tea extract granules


Ginseng 6-year-old root tea extract granules

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Korean Ginseng (Imperial Ginseng)

It has been popular since ancient times and has been studied and used in countries all over the world. The best six-year-old ginseng root from Korea is used. Although it is "warm" in nature, it also has calming properties, and contains ginsenosides, which are known to be beneficial to health.

In order to extract the ingredients, it is steamed, then dried with hot air, and processed into red ginseng. The red ginseng is then extracted and a highly concentrated essence is obtained.

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Those who want to be energetic, improve stamina, and replenish vitality 

Those who are easily tired and feel lazy

Those who are afraid of the cold or live in cold areas 

Those who want to balance their mind and body 

Those who have no appetite 

Those who want to increase nourishment during the recovery period after an injury or illness


Take 1-2 scoops daily using the given small scoop and dissolve it in hot water and drink.

Add honey or lemon for improved taste.

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