HyaCollaCenta - Torori BEAUTY DRINK (7 bottles set)

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HyaCollaCenta - Torori BEAUTY DRINK (7 bottles set)

Food Product

HyaCollaCenta - Torori BEAUTY DRINK (7 bottles set)

  • Brand: Hya Colla Centa
  • Product Code: G5D955278B5C85
  • Availability: In Stock

It's not just beauty! A drink that considers beauty and health.
Beauty, health, and heart are also supported from the body.

Awareness of beauty and health that clearly changes with age. 
Developed under the theme of "It is natural to be good for beauty!

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In addition to beauty ingredients, we also luxuriously blend ingredients that work for health and relaxation.
If you drink at night, you can experience the change the next morning immediately, and if you drink for a week, you will feel a certain response.
It is a drink that supports women who want to be beautiful and beautiful forever.

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