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Woman Secrets


Woman Secrets

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Probiotic yeast 500mg (daily standard amount: 3 tablets)

Yeast is a fermenting bacterium (yeast) that is indispensable for making fermented foods, and research is progressing especially in France, an advanced country for yeast research.​​​​​​​

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Probiotics (live yeast) based on the concept of "probiotics (good bacteria)" reaches the intestines alive to maintain a healthy gut.

The key ingredient is the Red clover (red clover) extract which comes from a leguminous herb with a deep reddish-purple flower and contains isoflavones, which is helpful for women's beauty.

Women with recurring problems in their private parts and psychological burden from this discomfort.

Review your lifestyle habits, such as exercise,  tight underwear, too much soap, lack of sleep, etc., and use this product to relieve your worries.

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