The Power of Flora

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The Power of Flora


皇漢薬品研究所 - The Power of Flora

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Live yeast - high content 500mg (standard daily intake: 3 capsules)

Yeast is a fermenting bacterium (yeast) that is indispensable for making fermented foods, and research is progressing especially in France, which has a long history of making wine and bread.

Probiotic yeast (probiotic yeast) based on the concept of "probiotics (good bacteria)", which was researched and developed in France, an advanced country for yeast research, reaches the intestines alive and adjusts the intestinal environment.

The idea of ​​"gut-brain axis" that there is a relationship between brain tension and intestinal upset is attracting attention, and it is necessary to prepare the intestinal environment.

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It has been reported to improve abdominal and general disorders that are thought to be caused by stress and anxiety.

French gastroenterologist Dr. Pierre Durmo recommends this product to his patients.

Cat's claw extract powder ○ Supports self-reliance with traditional herbs that grow naturally in the Amazon hinterland of Peru, South America

“Get off the train or bus and hurry to find a toilet” “Suddenly rush to the toilet before an important announcement or meeting

When there is a worry or worry, for some reason, there will always be abnormalities such as "abdominal abnormalities", "diarrhea", "constipation" and "abdominal distension".

It is recommended for those who feel abdominal discomfort for a long time, have no abnormalities during medical examination, and suspect that it is a problem with their own physique and personality.


Take 3 capsules with water or warm water every day without chewing.

Product details / per piece
● How to take / As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.
● Name / Yeast-containing processed food
● Contents / 27.54g [1 grain weight 306mg (1 grain content 260mg) x 90 grains]
● Preservation method / Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool place.
● Manufacturer / Factory / Kohkan Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd.

■ Nutrition facts label / per 3 tablets (0.918g) ● Calorie / 3.4kcal ● Protein / 0.2g ● Fat / 0.003g ● Carbohydrate / 0.64g ● Salt equivalent / 0.001g This label is a guide. ● Yeast / 500mg included
※please note
● If you feel that you are not fit for your constitution, please take a break. ● The color of this product may change slightly depending on the origin of the raw materials, but it does not affect the quality, so please enjoy it with confidence. ● After opening, close the opening tightly and consume as soon as possible.

Balance your diet based on staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes.


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