Extra virgin olive oil

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Extra virgin olive oil


Extra virgin olive oil

  • Brand: Huang Han
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Features / Sales point

This product is a high-quality pressed virgin olive oil that has a greenish to pale yellowish color.

It is extracted from olive fruits which were left to dry and oxidize.

Fatty acid composition: oleic acid 78%, palmitic acid 10%, linoleic acid 5%

Since the fatty acid composition is similar to human sebum, it has an excellent affinity for the skin and has an emollient effect of softening and moisturizing the skin.​​​​​​​

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It can be used for face care or body care.

For face care, apply after lotion, before sleep

For massage oil on face and whole body

For finger and nail treatment oil, for removing cuticles on nails.

After shaving a man's beard to moisturize your skin.

For sunburn care oil

For children as baby oil

For hair and scalp care

For the whole body after bathing. Apply it to your elbows and heels while your skin is still damp to prevent dryness and darkening.

For makeup removal, allow it to penetrate the entire face and rinse. For heavy makeup, use soaked cleansing cotton to wipe.

All ingredients

Olive oil (100%)

[Additive-free cosmetics] Color-free, fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, surfactant-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free

Pass the skin allergy test (not all people are not allergic)

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