Calfiber D (contains calcium+dietary fiber+VitaminD)

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Calfiber D (contains calcium+dietary fiber+VitaminD)


Calfiber D (contains calcium+dietary fiber+VitaminD)

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Each sachet is 7g, packed full of nutrients to suppress the rapid rise of blood sugar levels, increase the number of intestinal probiotics and improve the intestinal environment. 

Water-soluble dietary fiber amounts to 5g which is approximately 2 lettuce.

Calcium, essential for bone and tooth formation, amounts to 0.065g. 

Vitamin D, essential for calcium absorption and bone formation, amounts to 15μg. 

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This is suitable for people who:

1) care about their sugar intake and diet

2) have irregular eating habits and unbalanced meals leading to trouble with bowel movements

3) lack nutrition and dietary fiber


Take 1 sachet per day, dissolved in your favorite beverage.

Please consume as soon as possible after opening the individual packaging and melting the pellets.

It can be paired with yogurt, milk, coffee, and desserts.

Recommended to be consumed with our product "Fan Li Tea".

No sugar is used in this product. The sweetness comes from Momordica grosvenori extract (Monk Fruit Sweetener) has a palatable sweetness, similar to the taste of throat lozenges.


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