Black garlic capsules Z (360 capsules) [Mature and fermented black power]

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Black garlic capsules Z (360 capsules) [Mature and fermented black power]


Black garlic capsules Z (360 capsules)

  • Brand: Huang Han
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●Mature fermented black garlic

Raw garlic is a food material with the functions of expelling cold, relieving fatigue, and sterilizing.

This product does not use any additives and is made through natural fermentation in controlled temperature and humidity. (Japanese Patent No. 4080507)

Fermentation increases the content of polyphenols and water-soluble sulfide "S-allyl cysteine ​​(SAC)". Therefore, the antioxidant content of black garlic is about 10 times that of raw garlic, and its polyphenols are 3 times as much.

●Zinc-containing yeast [4 capsules of this product: zinc 8mg]

One of the essential trace minerals for the human body and an indispensable element for maintaining health and vitality.​​​​​​​

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Recommended for:

◎People who want to be healthy, improve their physical strength and increase vitality

◎People who feel weak and unwell

◎People who worry about the consequences of irregular lifestyle

◎People who have troubles such as backaches and joint pain


Take 3 to 4 capsules a day, without chewing, with water or warm water.

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