Mayubisui Anti-wrinkle essence

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Mayubisui Anti-wrinkle essence


Mayubisui Anti-wrinkle essence (pure squalene)

  • Brand: Mayubisui
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Only use this when you feel the skin is not moisturized enough.

The 99.9% high-purity squalane has a silky feel, unlike oil that penetrates into the makeup. With amazing penetration, you can get a supple feeling with just one drop. 

Squalane is a kind of lipid closest to human sebum. It has a strong affinity and can be integrated with the human sebum membrane to form a natural barrier on the surface of the skin. It can also inhibit the peroxidation of skin lipids and is effective. It penetrates into the skin and promotes the proliferation of skin basal cells, which has obvious physiological effects on delaying skin aging, improving and eliminating chloasma. It can also open skin pores, promote blood circulation, increase cell metabolism, and help repair damaged cells.​​​​​​​

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Recommended for people:

1. concerned about dry skin and want to moisture skin

2. protect and keep skin healthy

3. women in their 30s to 50s  

Customers’ comments

"My skin is prone to dryness, and I am especially worried about dry skin in winter. Because the cocoon beauty water pure essential oil uses high-grade squalane, it does not have a special smell, nor does it have the unique sticky feeling of oil. I use one drop twice a day with the dropper given in the bottle, once in the morning and evening respectively. It is easy to use, and it is non-sticky and silky. After using the pure essential oil of Cocoon Beauty Water, the skin is smoother for makeup application and it makes me look younger” – Customer 1

"Cocoon Beauty Water Pure Essential Oil is a refreshing oil made of 100% squalane. It is non-sticky, easy to use, and has no odor. I have dry skin, so I use it after applying cream at night. I really like this oil because it leaves my skin feeling moisturized till the next morning. “ – Customer 2


Use it after the moisturizer at night and after the lotion in the morning.

Packaging: 30ml per bottle

Country of Origin: Japan

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