37°C - MitochonD Booster

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37°C - MitochonD Booster


37°C - MitochonD Booster

  • Brand: 37℃ THEORY
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The bodies of us modern people are constantly exposed to various stresses.
Not only mental stress, but also natural stress such as air pollution and ultraviolet rays.
Ingestion of chemical substances and allergens during meals, and malnutrition can cause stress. 
The 37 ° C anti-penta program seeks to organize these stresses into five targets and balance them.
Anti-Penta Program supplements are designed to approach five targets: oxidation, nutrition, toxins, inflammation, and glycation .


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Heading image of "Mitochondria Booster"
"Mitochondria Booster" There are three patterns of obesity
In a word, obesity is different for each person.
Therefore, I would like to explain it in three patterns.
① saccharification, diet possible! By overdose type → dietary restriction of carbohydrates
② mitochondrial reduced-function → recovery of mitochondria, the growth! The number of mitochondrial
function recovery! By lowering type → movement consumption due to the decrease of ③ muscle mass

modern people, Overdose + mitochondrial dysfunction type obese people who confused ① and ② are increasing !!
What kind of supplement is "Mitochondria Booster"?
"Mitochondria Booster" is a supplement for improving mitochondrial function.
Mitochondria have the role of a power plant that produces "ATP energy and heat" by reacting "fat, sugar, and enzymes."
It consumes a large amount of various nutrients during its power generation.
"Mitochondria Booster" is a
well-balanced supplement that contains all the nutrients thatmitochondria need to produce ATP (energy) and heat.
Physical upset due to decreased mitochondrial function
When mitochondrial function declines, various disorders occur.
Familiar examples include rough skin, anemia, palpitation / shortness of breath, dizziness, and tiredness.
In addition to these symptoms, it is associated with many physical disorders.
You can experience "Mitochondria Booster" in 30 minutes at the fastest!
Because it contains a high amount of capsaicin and ginger, you can feel sweating and an increase in body temperature about 30 minutes after ingestion at the earliest.
* The target effect is not "experience = effect" but "improvement of mitochondrial function".

If you want to lose weight, don't want to gain weight anymore, or aren't feeling well these days, please give it a try!

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